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Andro-id RC3 By TJ STYLE

Hello friends,

our friend TJ STYLE has come out with a new rom for
Spice Mi410 and its cousin's...

well the rom is very stable and touch screen is more smooth...

This video will show you how to install the Andro-id Rc3
please download the software from the below link...


you will need SUT LR software to install the RC3 

Also this is the Andro-id RC file.. download it...

if you need any help ask me in the above said mail id...





Friends after many day i am back now with a new video. In this i will show you how you can install CWM (clockworkmod recovery) for your Spice Mi410. its just simple... later on i will be adding how to install cyanogenmod 7.1  rom for your devide.. so keep  looking into this site.


Download link: clockworkmod recovery for Spice Mi410


Spice MI-410 Gingerbread 

Spice has officially released Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 update for
MI-410. Although, an unofficial update was already available, official is always good.  Update is 140MB in size (not 56MB as said in, is available in a compressed RAR from Spice website. When extracted its a file size of 402MB.

You will be able to download the update from hear (this is official site which is most of the time dead, i have re-uploaded the same file to link is below) download and then follow these instructions.

  • Extract the RAR file using WinRar.
  • Copy the file  extracted file to your SD card and RENAME it to (firmware.nb0). Make sure it is placed in the root (not saved in a folder)
  • Insert the SD card to your device.
  • To enter bootloader mode, press and hold volume up + down + power buttons until you see the image of the Android logo with a /\ ! .
  • Press ‘Home’key to show the update utility. Use the volume buttons to select the option “Download nb0 from SD card”.
  • Press ‘return or back arrow” to confirm.
  • Upgrade will start. You can see the progress of the update while you wait.

Your Spice Mi 410 is now updated to Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

You can also read official update instruction from Spice manual hear whis is also dead 23 hours a day.

 Both the links are dead 23 hours a day. so better download it from mediafire link. its the official update. as you can see the CSL logo. The SPICE people are trying to fool us. They just edited one change in it, just replaced the CSL logo in the start-up. They think that we will not find it. HA HA. Check first the icons in the top it shows Blueberry. Also friends spice people have not said the main point (if you download it from spice site or the link i give you) you need to rename it. Are they really fool. Without rename you can not Upgrade it.

Spice Mi-410 is also known by some other names around the world,. I am listing down some of them.

  1. Spice Mi-410
  2. Huawei ideos X6 [original device built by Foxconn]
  3. Olive Smart [India]
  4. Cherry Mobile magnum HD [Philippines]
  5. WellcoM A99 (Thailand)
  6. CSL Blueberry Mi 410 [Malaysia]
  7. Motorola Triumph [United States]
  8. Viewsonic Viewpad 4
  9. AXIOO VIGO 410
  10. Commtiva HD710


OFFICIAL Spice MI 410 Android 2.3.4 DOWNLOAD LINK (142MB)




PART TWO (installation)
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